Accidental Queens
Based in France

Founding date:
14 April 2017


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A Normal Lost Phone
Another Lost Phone - Laura's Story

59 rue de l'Union

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Accidental Queens is a French video game development studio founded by three women from the games industry. They seek to create games that feature new mechanics, exploring topics from everyday life and social questions, through innovative narrative tools. They believe digital games can be entertaining while conveying social values and meaningful messages to a broad and diverse audience.


01/2016 - Global Game Jam

To understand the story, we need to go back to January 2016 when a group of diverse people with complementary skills, Elizabeth, Rafael, Estelle and Diane, participated in the Global Game Jam, an annual and international event of video game creation, in teams, in 48 hours. Combining talents in writing, game design, graphic design and programming, they created “A Normal Lost Phone”, a narrative investigation game, with a simple story but a deep message.

03/2016 - Early press coverage

Counting on its realistic and resonant writing, coupled with a strong graphical style, between drawing and painting, the prototype released for free after the Global Game Jam made its way through the Web, despite no specific communication. The international press quickly gave praise (Rock Paper Shotgun, Gamer Network, Canard PC, Stylist, Madmoizelle, Qweek, Pocket Gamer, JV le Mag, Joypad...). Voices of the industry also recognized the narrative quality, and were touched by the themes approached in the game, namely Sam Barlow (Her Story), William Pugh (The Stanley Parable), Steve Gaynor (Gone Home), Michel Koch (Life is Strange), Nina Freeman (Cibele), as well as Kyle Seeley (Emily is Away). The team was invited at GDC 2016 (San Francisco), E3 2016 (Los Angeles), the A Maze Festival (Berlin) and Evry Games City. During these events, many players confirmed their interest in the game.

04/2016 - Collective and crowdfunding campaign

As a consequence, Victoria, Simon and Miryam were added to the original team of four. Together, they founded “Accidental Queens” as a collective in order to build a final version: longer, graphically improved, with more apps and more content, an original soundtrack and professional localizations in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German and Italian. This new version was set to release on early 2017, and Accidental Queens launched a crowdfunding campaign on Ulule. It was a success, and 11.227€ (112% of an expected goal of 10.000€) were gathered, thanks to 439 contributors from more than 17 different countries. A small but mandatory budget to help the team finish the development.

08/2016 - Partnership with Playdius Ent.

“A Normal Lost Phone” was then signed with a publisher, Playdius (ex-Plug In Digital Label), allowing the team to receive valuable help concerning the marketing and distribution part of their work, and leaving them more time to focus on the game’s development. As a consequence, the game is also available on Steam, as well as many other platforms. « We are really happy to work with Accidental Queens on A Normal Lost Phone which is an extremely unsettling and immersive game. This game manages to touch on very sensitive subjects with exceptional empathy. » said Francis Ingrand, CEO at Playdius.

01/2017 onwards... - Company creation

"A Normal Lost Phone" was released on January 26, 2017: it was critically acclaimed by press and players alike, and sold more than 100 000 copies total in less than 3 months. Diane, Elizabeth and Miryam officially co-founded "Accidental Queens" as a company to build on this first success, and started working on a new project...



Another Lost Phone: Laura's Story - Release Trailer YouTube

A Normal Lost Phone - Release Trailer YouTube



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Awards & Recognition

  • "Best Indie Game (A Normal Lost Phone)" - Game Connection Europe 2016 Development Awards
  • "Jury Award (Another Lost Phone: Laura's Story)" - Ping Awards 2017
  • "Honorable Mention for Excellence in Narrative (A Normal Lost Phone)" - Independent Games Festival 2017
  • "Third Place (A Normal Lost Phone)" - Big Indie Pitch of Berlin, April 2016
  • "Prize for originality (A Normal Lost Phone)" - Evry Game City 2016
  • "Finalist (A Normal Lost Phone)" - YOUROPE Game Challenge 2016

Team & Repeating Collaborator

Diane Landais
Programmer & Co-founder

Miryam Houali
Artist & Co-founder

Simon Bachelier
Freelance producer

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